Studying for upcoming finals

Studying for upcoming exams can be stress free if students take the proper steps. Photo courtesy of

Ieyanna Williams, Staff Writer

There are several of ways that you can study for final exams and manage stress. It is always good to make a schedule for upcoming exams. Making a schedule will help you with time management and will prevent unnecessary stress. It will also allow time to take breaks if needed. The syllabus is one of the most important papers that your professors will handout. The syllabus can be used as an outline when studying for finals.

The best thing to do while in class is to listen to your professor’s lectures and take notes. Taking notes is another way to help   prepare for exams. Listening to music is another thing that can stimulate the brain and relieve stress while taking a break from studying. Explore ways to read more efficiently and get the most out of the text book. Analyze these steps of effective reading to ensure productive and efficient reading.

Discover proven tricks to help recall information on test day. You’ll find methods that work for different kinds of courses and exams. Using these memorization tips will cut down on your test prep time for each course and help you recall important information that will serve you in future courses as well. Explore ways to be physically and mentally prepared for exams. See how post test strategies can help you master material and boost your score on future exams.

You can develop ways to create buffer and be prepared both mentally and physically to handle stressful situations during your academic career. Beverly Brown said “avoiding panic allows you to be able to think clearly. Taking slow deep breaths is the most effective way to eliminate the feeling of stress and panic.”

Editor’s note: Final exam week is December 5-9. For an official final exam schedule visit