Jordie Lee wins Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship


By Jordie Lee

Jordie Lee, a senior accounting student from Poteau, recently received the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship.

HannahMacy Garrett, Staff Writer

Jordie Lee, a senior accounting major at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, recently won the U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. This is a travel scholarship that will fund her upcoming trip to France in March. “I am so excited and terrified at the same time,” said Lee, who has never traveled outside of the United States.

She found out about the scholarship through trip advisor Dr. Margaret Cotter-Lynch, Southeastern’s Honors Program director and Gilman Scholars advisor. The Gilman Program, open to select undergraduate students, requires the applicant to write a series of essays. As both a student and mother, Lee said, “I won’t lie, finding the time to do three essays was difficult, but the reward was so worth it.”

She intends to make the most of her upcoming trip despite the circumstances. “Before I changed my major to accounting, I was in the medical field for 6 years, and much doesn’t scare me concerning that (COVID-19).” She is most excited to visit the Palace of Versailles.

Lee encourages other students to apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship and take advantage of the opportunity. “Do it,” she said. “It is such an amazing opportunity and I wish I had done it sooner!”