She’s Awesome

By Kaylie Baxter
Abageal Jameson
“She is just awesome,” replied Graduate Assistant Kaley Jacobson when asked to elaborate on freshman volleyball standout Abby Jameson. “She has proven herself from day one,” added Head Coach of the Southeastern Savage Storm volleyball team Brianna Barry. Abby Jameson is a Freshman Sociology major from Prosper, TX. She has joined the Southeastern volleyball team for the 2015 season and is expected to add to the team in more ways than one. Coach Barry expands on the uniqueness of this freshman athlete, “She is a genuine person, she comes from a good family, and she wants the best for her and everybody around her.” The Southeastern Player Profile for this month is Savage Storm volleyball player, #9, Abby Jameson.
How long have you played volleyball?
Since I was 5. My older sister played volleyball so I looked to her and followed in her footsteps.
What motivates you to excel in volleyball?
My teammates. Also, knowing I have 4 seasons ahead of me to get better every season.
Besides volleyball, what does Abby Jameson do for fun?
I like to go on adventures. I like hanging out with my friends, I like reading my Bible, and I like being outside a lot. I go to the park, I go on hikes, and I like playing with my animals.
What is one interesting fact about you?
I have owned a pet skunk.