Intramural basketball takes to the court

Olivia Potter, Staff Writer

This spring Southeastern will be hosting the intramural basketball season in the Glenn D. Johnson Student Union.

Intramural sports are held within the school and are played for fun. Students compete against other teams from their college. It is also meant to be competitive and can be a good source of exercise. Intramurals can be played by anyone who attends Southeastern.

To be involved, students must already be currently enrolled; they must be paying the SE student fees,or be faculty members or full-time staff.  Non-students or community members are not allowed to participate in the event.

To participate in intramurals each player must present his or her current Southeastern ID card at each game.

Teams aren’t required to have ten players as long as they have enough players to play.

When the team shows up for the game if any of the players are found to be ineligible the team will have to forfeit. Team captains are in charge of making sure their players are eligible to play.

Students are encouraged to participate but if you happened to miss sign ups you can still be involved by coming to watch the games.

The basketball games begin Monday, Jan. 26 starting at 5 p.m. with the last game at 9 p.m. Games are played Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until March.

For those students who may not be into basketball there are other intramural sports offered by the Wellness Center such as flag football and volleyball in the fall and a cornhole tournament in the spring.

There is also potential for intramural softball in the spring if funds can be generated. According to James Dudley, Director of Intramural Activities, “We don’t have the budget to purchase all the needed equipment to start softball at this time.” However, with the trend of co-ed softball tournaments there may be potential to gather students who already have their own equipment.

For more information about intramural activities at SE, contact James Dudley at 745-3028 or go to for details.