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2016-2017 Staff

William McCall

Graphic Designer

Profile to come

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Kasey Harding

Graphic Designer

Name: Kasey Harding Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Book/Magazine: John Dies at the End Dream Job: I’d like to make video games, but if I could I’d love to be in sleep studies just so I’d be paid to sleep Favorite Movie: P...

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Michaela Jestis

Graphic Designer

Name: Michaela Jestis Favorite Food: Cream Cheese (Sopapilla Cheesecake) Favorite Book/Magazine: The Book Thief Dream Job: Freelance Designer Currently Watching: X-Files Music of Choice: Anything but country This year I look forward to...

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Rachael Watson

Contributing Writer

Name: Rachael Watson Favorite Book/Magazine: Harry Potter/ Newsweek Dream Job: New York Times Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing Currently Watching: Drop Dead Diva Music of Choice: Anything This Year I look Forward to: Finishing my basics ...

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Yingjie Zhu

Staff Writer

Name: Yingjie Zhu Favorite Food: Chocolate Favorite Book/Magazine: National Geographic Dream Job: Journalist Favorite Movie: I really dislike horrible movies Currently Watching: Me Before You Music of Choice: All kinds of mus...

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Nate Hodson

Contributing Writer

Name: Nate Hodson Favorite Food: Bacon Favorite Book/Magazine: Animal Farm Dream Job: ESPN Fantasy Analyst Favorite Movie: Captain America: Winter Soldier Music of Choice: NF This Year I look Forward to: Being a contributin...

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Jerai Billy

Contributing Writer

Name: Jerai Billy Favorite Food: cereal Favorite Book/Magazine: Man's Search for Meaning Dream Job: Creative Director Favorite Movie: Phat Girls Currently Watching: Teen Wolf Music of Choice: anything inspirational This year I...

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J.D. Anteau

Staff Writer/Photographer

Name: J.D. Anteau Favorite Food: Anything Favorite Book/Magazine: The Halo Game Book series Dream Job: Photographer for the National Geographic Favorite Movie: Pacific Rim Currently Watching: Facebook videos Music of Choice: METAL...

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Haley Barnett

Staff Writer

Name: Haley Barnett Favorite Food: Chinese Favorite Book/Magazine: "Girl Online" by Zoe Sugg Dream Job: Author Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Currently Watching: The Walking Dead Music of Choice: Anything Disney This year I loo...

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Cameron Schuessler

Contributing Writer

Name: Cameron Schuessler Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Rice Favorite Book/Magazine: God's Not Dead Dream Job: ESPN Analyst Favorite Movie: Space Jam Currently Watching: The NFL Music of Choice: Christian Rap This year I l...

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Brittney Barr

Staff Writer

  Brittney Barr is a Journalism major who has been a member of SE Student Publication since Fall 2015. She has served as staff writer. When not working on The Southeastern, Brittney enjoys barrel racing, blogging and be...

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Ali Marts

Staff writer

Name: Ali Marts Favorite Food: Seafood Favorite Book/Magazine: National Geographic Dream Job: Rolling Stone Writer Favorite Movie: The Babadook, The Faculty Currently Watching: Stranger Things Music of Choice: Rock This ...

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Ivy Phelps

News Editor

Name: Ivy Phelps Favorite Food: Sushi or Escargot Favorite Book/Magazine: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Dream Job: Creative Director at an advertising agency in New York City Favorite Movie: The Social Network and Almost Famous ...

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Kourtney Kaufman

Managing Editor

Name: Kourtney Kaufman Favorite Food: Cinnamon Rolls Favorite Book/Magazine: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Dream Job: Professor of Communication at a small university (like Southeastern) Favorite Movie: The Prince...

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Ieyanna Williams

Staff Writer

Name: Ieyanna Williams Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Book/Magazine: Anne Frank Dream Job: News Reporter Favorite Movie: Hope Floats Currently Watching: tv shows Music of Choice: R&B music This Year I look Forward to: ...

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