Should celebrities voice political opinions?



President Donald Trump, a celebrity and business mogul, has had his Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandalized many times since he began his presidential campaign in 2016.

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer

For years, we have listened to Taylor Swift whine about her poor taste in men— literally. She’s made millions singing about heartbreak and bad decisions. Last month, Swift’s name became associated with another man: President-Elect Joe Biden.

Every year, famous people feel the need to publicly endorse political candidates. Superstar Kanye West shocked the country when he donned a red Make America Great Again hat in 2018. As in typical Kanye fashion, he changed his mind and tossed his own hat in the ring that was the 2020 presidential election. Surprisingly, he garnered approximately 60,000 votes.

President Trump’s celebrity supporters lacked the mega-fame of his opponent’s entourage. Rappers Lil Wayne, Lil Pump and 50 Cent each vocalized their support for the incumbent, but Trump received little support from Hollywood’s A-List. Biden was endorsed by innumerable household names such as Stephen Baldwin, Brad Pitt and Mariah Carey.

Celebrities undoubtedly have a lot of influence with their fans, and they have the same First Amendment rights we all have. Throughout history, some have even successfully run for office. Ronald Reagan, two-term governor of California and two-term president, was a movie star. Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr. Olympia and the Terminator (need I say more?) was elected the governor of California, twice. Current President Donald Trump has a lengthy resume as an entertainer in addition to his billion-dollar empire.

That’s the beauty of America. Anyone can wake up one day to run for office. They might need a small loan of a million dollars, but nothing else is stopping them.

However, I feel that celebrities should not campaign for other candidates. People may have voted for Biden just because Taylor Swift endorsed him, and not because they knew anything about his political views. Fans pay to hear Swift’s music, not who she’s voting for.

I won’t credit celebrity endorsements as the reason for Biden’s presumed victory, but who is to say they don’t have an effect on the results? It pains me to hear that anyone is voting for someone simply because they were told to. Uninformed voters may cast their ballot blindly, based on what a famous person said on Twitter.

We cannot stop someone from voicing their beliefs, nor should we. So, I propose that we just stop listening to the political opinions of celebrities. Enjoy their music and watch their movies, but pick your own elected officials.

Be an informed voter. Don’t let anyone tell you how to vote— your family included. Research candidates and get the facts for yourself.