Students get opportunity to enjoy coffee with Minks

Samantha Perera, Contributing Writer

Students had an opportunity to meet SE President Larry Minks and share a cup of coffee with him Friday, Oct. 29. The event, which was held two days after the president’s investiture ceremony, was organized by the Student Government Association and the SE Bookstore.

“We thought this was a good way for the students to meet the president,” said Matt Heggy, president of the SGA. “Dr. Minks and his wife are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and they want to be more involved with the students and the students want to be more involved with them, so we thought this would be a good way to bring everyone together.”

Minks described the gathering as an informal meeting, “so that my wife and I could get to know everybody,” he said. According to Minks, future projects will involve coordination with both the SGA and the Alumni Association. “So this is kind of a first informal step,” he said, “and we will have more formal meetings later on.”

Minks also added that one of his and his wife Joan’s favorite things to do is “visit with parents and students at different events.”

Sushma Ale, a resident hall assistant, was one student who attended the function. Ale said that although she was nervous at first to meet the president and his wife, she was put as ease by their friendly nature and genuine interest in meeting the students.

The Coffee with the President event was held in the SE Bookstore with both students and staff members in attendance. The first 100 students also received a complimentary coffee mug inscribed with “I had coffee with the president!” courtesy of the Bookstore and SGA.