Fall’s handbags offer both beauty and utility

Military bag – American Eagle Utility Tote, $39.50. Available at ae.com.

Chrissy Dill, Staff Writer

Accessories are always the most fun part of an outfit. The many different types of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and other accessories are so much fun to shop for and show off to accent your clothing choice.

The most necessary accessory is a good purse or handbag. The fall 2010 fashion season has many types of purses that accompany the clothing styles of this season perfectly.

There are several types of handbags that are in style this season. One of these styles continues on with a popular trend, the military look. Handbags are coming in every print and color, from camouflage to olives and tan tones. This purse makes for quite an attention-grabber on your arm.

Along with the bomber jackets and combat boots come smart-looking, yet tough, handbags as part of your military must-haves for fall.

Drawstring bags are back from the ’70s for this season. Bags that open and close at the top with drawstrings are a classic ’70s look that is sure to turn heads this fall.

Forever21, drawstring hobo bag, $32.80. Available at Forever21.com.

Usually these bags are also in over-the-shoulder or cross-body styles, which are very comfortable with extra long straps. Over-the-shoulder bags come in handy for busy girls who are out and about day-to-day; you don’t have to take them off like you do with smaller purses. While driving or sitting in a restaurant, you can keep them over your shoulder, which also reduces the risk of someone swiping it from the back of your chair or off the floor.

Another handbag trend popular this fall is the satchel. Most satchels are rectangular, which is perfect because rectangular handbags are big on the runway as well. Classy, rectangle-shaped bags are very prominent this season, but they never go out of style.

For a spicier look get a satchel in an animal print; leopard print looks classier than zebra, while still saying you have a wild side.

For a dressy date night, a girl needs a great clutch. For a clutch that really turns heads, one with sparkles and sequins is great. A bright red clutch brings a great twist on a classic, sexy little black dress.

And never forget: Leopard print is back and here to stay. A clutch, or any bag for that matter, with animal print or silver studs – something attention-grabbing – is a definite staple to an outfit and can make a hum-drum style seem very trendy.

Mossimo Satchel in black, $24.99. Available at Target.com.

In my opinion, three types of purses are necessary for all seasons: a purse in brown, black and a bright color, like red.

Brown bags go better with an earthy-toned outfit.

Pair your black purse with outfits that include black, white or silver traces. My rule is if there’s no black in your outfit, use brown; no brown, carry black.

Personally, I love the shoulder bags right now. They are so handy and comfortable. I have one in black with big silver studs, which I love. It brings an edgy side to almost any outfit I put on.

The handbags of the fall 2010 fashion season make perfect matches for the trends of the season. These styles offer comfort as well as fashionable looks.

Be bold with fun animal prints to show your loud side, and look for metal studs to show you have an edgy side to your personality.

Let your clothing show who you are without saying a word, and let your bag be the nice

Uh oh, SPLURGE ALERT! Express.com, Ribbon and Rhinestone Pleated clutch, $44.90.

cherry on top of the great style that’s all yours.